Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Time To Imagine The Future

I still remember watching this video for the first time, a few weeks back. I recall the elation that leapt out of my notebook screen and swept over me. I immediately started posting and sharing and was amazed by the fervour and immediacy of the feedback. That same night I contacted Peter Economides via twitter and facebook, to congratulate him and let him know the impact his speech had had on me and those around me. And how I'd gladly lend my support to the spreading of this idea. 

You see, because of my father's work, I grew up at the heart of the then small enclosure that was Greek advertisement, in the 70s. 

A series of photographs of my then 9-year-old self, directed by my father and shot by Alexis Sofianopoulos resulted in an EOT poster, while another became the basis of an engraving that was to become a postage stamp

So a great deal of what Peter was touching upon struck a very familiar chord with me. But much more than that, it moved and inspired me. And I have good cause to believe these emotions are shared by a great number of people in this country and beyond.

A lot of comments were coming in,  asking that it be subtitled in Greek, so I asked Peter about it. A Greek friend of mine who is deaf, was asking the same thing. Peter said he was working towards that, but was somewhat swamped. So I offered to transcribe and translate his presentation for him. 

I spent the entire next day on the project, so you can imagine how many times I watched and listened! 

That was a few weeks ago.

Today, Peter uploaded the subtitled video and I watched it again.

And guess what? It got me by the gut, exactly as it had done the first time around!

I don't know much about brands or branding or -far less- branding strategies. But I do know a good song when I hear it. And this one here, is a classic. And a "keeper".

Please watch and, if you feel the same way about it as I and so many others by now do, help spread the word!


PS: Thank you, Κύριε Οικονομίδη! 

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