Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I made my Asian début a couple of hours ago, here at the NuTech Mediworld Lobby (New Delhi's Carnegie Hall or Wembley Arena if you will), to a packed house of very kind people who didn't complain once!

This was largely due to Louis Rowe, who did a super job of being sexy, playing the guitar and singing too!

It was great fun singing songs I hadn't performed in so many years, but all great tunes, such as Here Comes The Sun, Across The Universe (complete with "jai guru deva ohm"), Let It Be, (yes, The Beatles are a sure bet when putting together an express play-list!), Hotel California, Leaving On A Jet Plane and, of course, Georgia On My Mind, for our gorgeous & brave you-kn0w-who ;)

I usually sign the relevant logs of Georgia's shots & procedures a couple of times per day. The nurses (adorably called "sisters") have informed me that they will be marketing the autographs on e-bay as of tonight, so I guess we were a hit!

I'm assuming the next natural step is Bollywood.

Heartfelt thanks to Louis, Georgia and, last but by no means least, for making this possible, the fabulous Jyoti, wonder-woman problem-solver extraordinaire that she is!

Here's a clip, recorded by Georgia: