Thursday, 20 October 2011

Last Minutes In Room Three Oh Three

Sure, there were plateaus, but on the whole these two months have sped by and here we are, Georgia and I, all packed, waiting for the car that will take us to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Predictably, I’m in limbo, the most uneasy state for me to be in. 'Did You Ever Get A Feeling' that you wanted to go, but still you had the feeling that you wanted to stay? Ah, Jimmy...

I suppose the full force of the joy of being reunited with loved ones will kick in once I get back to Athens. Until then, I'll just bathe in the nascent nostalgia of what I'm leaving behind.

Famously, nostalgia washes over in fragments of sensations. Images, sounds, feelings.

Kulfi on a hot afternoon. 
Riding a rickshaw in darkness, against a full moon and oncoming traffic, laughing girlishly. 
Taking in the sounds and sights of I.N.A. Market. 
Watching Georgia fighting her glorious fight, stringing her victories!
Enjoying a night-time cigarette on the front steps in the company of Arab men.
The sound of the jingles on anklets that speak of breakfast.
Jamming it up with Louis on guitar & Jake on... buckets!
The sweet aroma of a champa flower picked at Qutab Minar.
Discussing the subtleties of the various kinds of kurtas and sarees with Jyoti.
Singing "Leaving On A Jet Plane" in a saree, while looking into smiling eyes that have become dear.
Bargaining for a pair of Punjabi juttis at Dilli Haat.
The explosion of the phone that insists "Penny! Penny! Penny!" as Georgia very accurately pointed out.

Memories, more memories, and then some...

Oh,  the gratitude!

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Smriti Khullar said...

:) miss the things we did togeher